Market Place

Market Place

These are some of the wonderful groups who will be taking part in our market place. Come, interact, find out what they are doing and sign up to volunteer or to their latest campaigns. The market place will be open to all on both days of the Summit.

Safe Passage International is an organisation that works in France, Greece and the UK to break open and defend safe and legal routes to sanctuary for child refugees. Through a unique combination of strategic litigation, legal casework and political advocacy, over 1,700 children have been able to reach safety through the safe and legal routes we have helped open.

Refugee Community Kitchen serves hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK and France.

Big Leaf Foundation is a product of first-hand experience with displaced young people. The experience of arriving in a new country is, for many, overwhelming and incredibly difficult. They are often cut off from everything that is familiar to them, leaving them vulnerable to loneliness, isolation, anxiety and boredom. Our team saw an opportunity to change their situation and help them feel a sense of inclusion within a network of their peers and the wider community.

Groundwork is a federation of charities working nationally and locally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.

We are working to bring communities together through a holistic programme called ‘CIRCLE’. The programme focuses on 3 key areas integral to socio-economic integration working with refugees, migrants and UK nationals. These 3 key area are culture, language and employment.

Refugees at Home is a UK charity which connects those with a spare room in their home to refugees and asylum seekers in need of somewhere to stay.
So far it has been responsible for placing 2,095 guests with a total of 153,817 placement nights.

Imece inisiyatifi Cesme was founded in autumn of 2013 by a group of students. We understand ourselfs as an antcapitalist but non political movement and our aim is to soothe the social consequences capitalism brings with it. In the beginning we helped poor local families.

Since October 2015 our main focus has shifted to supplying refugees passing through Cesme trying to reach the island of Chios with basic humanitarian needs.

Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) works with young refugees who are striving to live fulfilled, independent and successful lives in our community. KRAN supports unaccompanied young refugees aged 11 to 24 living in the community. We provide education, mentoring and befriending and drop-in services to facilitate greater cohesion, enable young refugees to live fulfilled and independent lives and to support young refugees to make progress in their ambitions. We prioritise the voice of young refugees in all we do.

Welcome Presents aims to bridge the divide between refugees, asylum seekers and the wider UK public, and seeks to have a positive impact on the lives of those displaced and struggling in London.

Newcomers to this city are often marginalised socially.

Integration is a multi-dimensional process that takes time, especially in London, where locals are more likely to read about refugees than engage with the people behind the stories.

Welcome Presents is a move to address this uncertainty, lending a hand to step over the divide.

We run a community and learning centre inside a refugee camp, with a mixed team of international and community volunteers. We have English classes of a range of levels, we run a women’s space a social space where people can come to spend time together, use the computers and play board games etc, and we run a child friendly space for the smallest ones in camp. We also run an information hub where we help people with CVs and job applications, and connect people to organisations and services for specific needs.

GRACE is a small but growing charity based at 18 Leegate, Lee Green, south-east London. They collect donations of clothing, furniture, food and other essential supplies from the local community to sort, pack by item & re-distribute for refugees and destitute families both locally and abroad. They network with other established charities and regional groups to share information and work together, collaborating to support refugees in France, Greece and the Balkans.

Refugee Rights Europe (RRE) is an advocacy organisation defending the human rights and dignity of refugees and displaced people in Europe. They work collaboratively with grassroots groups at the frontlines, as well as national-level civil society organisations, in the UK, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy and the Balkans, in order to hold decision-makers to account.

Working at the frontlines of Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis, Refugee Info Bus is an independent, UK registered, but very mobile, charity.  We are dedicated to supporting refugees on the move, or who have just arrived in Europe, with up to date and accessible legal information and assistance, free WiFi and phone charging.

Our mission is to assist refugees in having access to the rights that people with European passports take for granted.  We currently work via two mobile buses in Greece and France, and have a strong Facebook following stretching from Germany to Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria.


Indigo Volunteers is a charity that recruits volunteers and connects them with humanitarian projects across the globe.

Philoxenia is an action group initiated in the autumn of 2015 in response to the great amounts of people fleeing from war torn territories and seeking refuge in the European soil. The term philoxenia means ‘love for strangers’ and highlights the true generosity of spirit. We strive to share this kindness of spirit among everyone forced to live in disadvantaged conditions, through the provision of warm meals and a comfortable space in stressful environments. We hope to restore a sense of humanity and instill a spark of kindness that people can carry with them throughout their journey.