We need your feedback on the event – both on the event as a whole but also on the sessions we need to know how you were feeling when you came, what brought you to the space and how you are feeling post Summit and where you want to see the developments from the Summit go.

In order to do this we need you to participate in the below Menti surveys. Please click on the links below – access codes for the surveys are as follows:

General Summit Feedback Survey: What you thought of the summit, what you loved and what can be improved.

Link/code: 54 91 18


Culture of Care Survey- a survey looking at what care means and how it can help us in our approaches, how can we be better and supporting ourselves and others and building our own resilience as carers and responders.

Link/code: 96 61 72


Criminalisation of Volunteers and Activists Survey – a survey looking at your experience in the field and collating a body of testimony and evidence on the working/volunteering conditions experienced by grassroots responders.

Link/code: 11 44 72


We also welcome your email feedback to us at hello@refugeesolidaritysummit.org – send us images , videos, insights, ideas for the future and anything else you want to share with us. Also if you ran a session please let us know how it went and any  insights , feedback or helpful notes you might have.